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Congratulations on your upcoming Quinceanera!

Are you ready to try on the dress you have for so many years dreamt off? Roxy's Bridal carries a large selection of Designer Quinceanera Dresses at affordable prices that have been hand selected and tested to be the most popular in the Industry.

If you are looking to be unique and design your very own quinceanera dress you have come to the perfect store for our motto is "Imagine It, We'll Design It!" A good portion of the gowns you will see at Roxy's Bridal are carefully designed with fashionable trends and you in mind. So make your appointment and honor Roxy's Bridal help you find your perfect dress for your!



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Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding!

Now that you have said yes to man you wish to spend the rest of your days with it is time to start planning your grand event. Roxy's Bridal can help you in your journey starting with your signature wedding dress. All of our wedding gowns are carefully designed and/or picked to fit a modern and budget oriented bride. Sometimes finding that perfect dress is not an easy task and it can get pretty frustrating at times. The industry has a carbon copy they base their styles on for example the majority of wedding dresses are strapless, but we all know that the strapless style does not compliment all woman so what happends to the rest of the brides that are uncomfortable with that specific style. They design it themselves with our guidance in materials, fit and budgets. So don't hesitate make your appointment today!