Prom Rep Rewards Program



Become a Prom Rep!!


Earn a Free Prom Dress

Free Jewelry

Free Tuxedo Rental


$$Cash Rewards$$



A prom rep is either a current high school junior or senior that is planning to go to prom. Prom rep's should not be afraid, but excited to advertise Roxy's Bridal during prom season and are motivated to earn either a discounted prom dress, a free prom dress/tuxedo rental, or even cash rewards. Your friends will love the fact that Roxy's Bridal registers dresses in order to make sure that there won't be any "Who wore it better?" rumors. Once accepted into our Prom Rep Rewards Program you will be supplied with advertising materials. It's that easy!

Here's how it works:



Friends Referred Gal's Reward

Gent's Reward

6 $30.00* Earn your Free Prom Tuxedo Rental
8 $50.00* +$25.00 cash
10 $75.00* +$50.00 cash
16 $100.00* +$75.00 cash
18 $125.00* +$100.00 cash
20 $150.00* +$125.00 cash
30 $250.00*

+$150.00 cash

40 $350.00* +$175.00 cash
50 $450.00* +$200.00 cash
60 $550.00* +$225.00 cash


$650.00* +$250.00 cash
80 $750.00* +$275.00 cash
90 $850.00* +$300.00 cash
100 $1,000.00* +$400.00 cash

Note: To count as a referral, your  friends must provide us your rep card, rent a tuxedo or suit with a minimun charge of $89.99 and must pay for their tuxedo in full/ purchase a dress with a minimum charge of $99.99 and must pay for their dress in full. Should the amount you earn exceed the cost of your prom dress, the difference wil be earned as a cash reward. Cash rewards will be paid by check and mailed the week after your prom.