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Individualism can seem almost impossible in the quest of finding that perfect quinceanera dress that defines the quinceanera herself. The Industry of Quinceanera Dresses has embedded in our eyes what they think a quinceanera dress should look like. Although the Quinceanera Dress Industry does serve as a platform and guide to fashionable trends it does not and should not control what your quinceanera chooses her dress to look like. At Roxy's Bridal we encourage the young ladies to imagine their perfect quince dress but also don't discourage if they choose a mass designed quince dress. We are always eager to help you in finding that dress that says, "YOU!"

• Imagine It! We'll Design It!
• Be Yourself.
• Be Unique.
• Embody your Quinceanera Theme.

Having a quinceanera dress customized to your specifications has never been easier or more affordable. The average price for a mass designed quinceanera dress is approximately $700.00 USD. The average price for a custom designed quince dress by Roxy's Bridal is also approximately $700.00. Roxy's Bridal has made it possible and affordable so the decision making can be concentrated on what the future quinceanera really wants her dress to look like. Make your appointment today and find out how you can save by creating a quinceanera package.

Sweetheart Quinceanera Dresses

Sweetheart Quinceanera Dress

The Sweetheart Quinceanera Dress is one of the most popular necklines you will come across. This is true because among all the other styles like the V-Neckline, Scoop Neckline, Square Neckline, High Neckline and Strapless the Sweetheart Neckline is essentially the most flattering neckline that fits both small and large breasted young ladies. The benefit of this neckline is that the coverage is moderate and what differentiates a sweetheart quinceanera dress among the options is how low in plunges.

Sweetheart Quinceanera Dresses are great for adding capsleeves, straps, off the shoulder sleeves and halter straps because it creates a softer more defined look to the central panel of the neck. At Roxy's Bridal we are more than happy to discuss these available options with you during your appointment.

Quinceanera Dresses with Sleeves

Quinceanera Dresses with Sleeves

Quinceanera Dresses with Sleeves are definitely a fashionable trend that will be seen more so in the 2015 quinceanera collections. The style is breathtaking because it portrays a young lady who might be conservative, innocent looking but yet excited to show who she really is. Quinceanera Dresses with Sleeves are not just an ordinary puffy dress with sleeves. The design itself is quite intricate and very detailed. Most quinceanera dresses with sleeves will either have a fully covered back with mesh and beading details or simply have capsleeves.

The fashionable trend of having sleeves with a fully covered mesh back is a great style for those young ladies that want to stay away from the typical strapless quince dress. Make your appointment to try one of these fashionable quince dresses to determine if this is the right look for you.

Quinceanera Dress

Quinceanera Dress

Quinceanera Dress